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District AUXCHEF Program

Kenneth Enochs  District AUXCHEF Chair

Usual Disclaimer:  The AUXCHEF web pages are for informational purposes only. Do not contact the webmaster regarding these pages. Contact the AUXCHEF Chair for information and questions.

Slice of BreadIf you joined the Auxiliary to work with the Coast Guard all of your wishes come true here!
Kenn Enochs Auxchef Chair 5 NR


I was very impressed with the training I was given in the Auxchef program conducted by Kenn Enoch and Ted Ballin. Professionally. I have been through many seminar training sessions and this presentation was one of the best and most prepared. The weekend experience was knowledgeable and very well presented. Even though cooking is a important part of my life, personally, professionally and as a hobby, I learned many things I had never known. The Auxiliarists that were part of my training included first time novices to those who have been kitchen savvy for years. It is a testament to our training that the entire team worked as one and we had lots of fun doing it. M. Librizzi

Do you like to cook or work in a kitchen? Would you like to work on a cutter or at a Coast Guard Station or just help out for special events and where you can. Then, this program is for you. You do not need to be a chef or experienced cook, just willing to help out and become an AUXCHEF member. You will learn at the Coast Guard Station Atlantic City on Sunday... a great opportunity!


Friday, September 10 - 1500 - 2100 AUXCHEF Session 1
Saturday, September 11 - 0800 - 1200 AUXCHEF Session 2

Saturday, September 11 - 1000 - 1200 AUXCHEF Overview
Can't make the 3 day class at the fall conference but are interested in the program,  THEN join us for a 2 hour intro outlining the entire program. You won't want to miss this session!

Saturday, September 11 - 1330 - 1600 AUXCHEF Session 2 (continued)
Sunday, September 12 - 0700 - 1400 AUXCHEF at USCG Station Atlantic City

Benefits of the AUXCHEF Program:

To the Auxiliary:
Image of chef Helps with recruiting and retention
Teaches new tasks and skills
Provides good public relations

To the Gold Side:
Relieves Guardians for other tasks and training
Improves moral and well-being of Guardians

Goals of the AUXCHEF Program:
To support the Gold Side
Relieve cooks at small boat stations and on cutters
Provide training to CG cooks
Provide assistance at VIP events
Support emergency responses

Desire to help the Coast Guard
Cooking experience is not a requirement
Hepatitis "A" shots
Crew qualified for future augmentation on cutters
TCT training - every 2 years (8 hr.)
Time to augment - assignment can range from one meal to several days

Becoming an AUXCHEF:
Training by AUXCHEF Certified Instructors
18-22 hour course based on FS3 curriculum
Certification upon successful completion
Annual sanitation and advanced training

Volunteer for Duty:
Unit CO, FS and AUXCHEF Chair will determine the level of help needed and select members to assist

General Issues:

Requests for assistance:
Unit will request assistance thru the AUXCHEF Chair
AUXCHEF Chair will ask for an AUXCHEF in that area and will make the assignment
Berthing and meals usually provided by unit

Type of orders depends on unit
Non-Reimbursable Orders
Reimbursable Orders
Usually Gas only for trips over 50 miles

ODU or working blues
For VIP Events: white chef coat, black pants and black shoes

AUXCHEF Training Curriculum:
Training is a 18-20 hour class consisting of class room and hands-on training
Based on the curriculum for an FS3 Striker Course
At a Coast Guard Station and in a Coast Guard Galley
Class size varies, but no more than 16 students
pastry chef
AUXCHEF Course Outline:
Tools and Equipment
Various types of galley equipment
Knife Skills

Safety and Sanitation:
Safe food handling and preparation
Personal hygiene
Safety in the workplace
Knife maintenance

Introduction to Food Preparation:
Basic cooking principals
Introduction to recipes and recipe conversions
Basic cutting techniques
Hands-On Meal Preparation and Serving
Working in teams: plan, prepare and serve a meal for the unit and guests

For more information, please contact Kenneth Enochs.

Come Aboard and become an AUXCHEF


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