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Usual Disclaimer: The Marine Safety web pages are for informational purposes only. Do not contact the webmaster regarding these pages. Contact the DSO-MS for information and questions.

Welcome to the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, Fifth District Northern Region's Marine Safety and Environmental Protection web page.  Our purpose is to provide our members with the information they need to familiarize themselves with, and participate in, the program.


“We are the Coast Guard Auxiliary’s team for Marine Safety and Environmental Protection.  Our principal Mission is to support the Marine Safety and Environmental Protection programs and activities of the United States Coast Guard. We are responsible for educating/training the public as well as our fellow Auxiliarists."

Everything Eventually Ends Up In The Water

Message from the DSO-MS: When we each took an oath and were sworn into the Auxiliary, we accepted the responsibility and obligation to assist the Gold side in their missions.  The Coast Guard takes protecting our natural resources very seriously.  There is one staff position within each flotilla for each department (i.e. Vessel Examiner, Public Education, etc.)  It takes a team of dedicated individuals to reach mission goals - multiple instructors, program visitors, boat crew members, etc. who report to an individual staff officer.

Each flotilla should have multiple MS-EP educated members who report their activities to their FSO-MS.  My goal is for each interested Auxiliarist to have an arsenal of MS-EP knowledge, so they can share/educate the public at every opportunity.  This includes Public Affairs events, Boating Safety classes, Vessel Exam Days, etc.

We have approximately 317 million people across our nation, with approximately 17 million registered boats.  This amounts to about 5.5% of the population we may come in contact with only during the boating season.  Marine Safety education is an opportunity to educate 100% of the population, 100% of the time.  Also a great recruiting opportunity.

Division Marine Safety Officers           

Div. 1 - William Turnbull Div.  6 - Michael A Cremeans Div. 12 - David C Ritondo
Div. 2 - Caroline E Shipsey Div.  7 - Nicholas V Pignato Div. 13 - Stanley J Wojciechowski
Div. 3 - Mark R Harris Div.  8 - John T Tredinnick Div. 14 - Gregg Bollinger
Div. 4 - George Matuszewski Div.  9 - Paul Scheidecker Div. 15 - Carla Sweet-McQuay
Div. 5 - Charles Berg Div. 11 - Richard Heller Div. 16 - Joselito Pabon Jr

Wanted - Highly motivated, enthusiastic Auxiliarists to join 5NR's Team MS-EP.  Looking for people willing to help educate the public in environmental awareness issues.  For more information, contact your flotilla Marine Safety Staff Officer.