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Aids Verifier Performance Qualification Standard (AV PQS)

Download this new Aid-Verifier PQS and work with an aid-verifier to have all the tasks signed-off.  The only other way to become an aid-verifier is to go to the “C” school in Virginia for one week and then do a check ride.  We are trying to have some training set up in 2012 for those members who would like to become an aids-verifier.

This year there is a big change in that we have been asked to report any and all Aton/Patons that are not “Watching-properly.”   If you as an Auxiliarist, on patrol and see an aid not watching properly, you should report it via phone, radio and then use form 7054 to back it up.  Remember the Coast Guard or the PA Fish & Boat can be held liable for any injuries or damage caused by an aid that was not fixed or repaired in a timely manner.   When you are out there on patrol you are the Coast Guard and we must report any problems we see.  Please call it in to your operating authority.

Use that Coast-Pilot to check for any incorrect information as you travel. You will find a lot of statements that are incorrect in it.  Report corrections on form NS-CU05

This year, coxswains can receive a free chart by requesting it from your Division Commander.  Every vessel should have copies of the pages from the light-list and Coast-Pilot for your “AOR,” onboard the facility.

In the Navigation-Systems program there are five items that we work to keep updated.

The five “NS” Programs that we work with are:

  1. Atons
  2. Patons
  3. Bridges
  4. Chart Updating
  5. Small Craft Facility updating

2012 will start off with a check of all the Aide-Verifiers on our roster to make sure each still has interest in the program. People not interested in the program will be removed. A questionnaire will be sent out requesting your intentions in relation to the "NS" program.

Chart updates slowed down in 2010 and we need you to get all our boating friends to start to submit them. Since "Adopt-A-Chart" program is no longer in use, we need every member to do more chart updates. If you do just one update next year it would make a big show of force, and keep the auxiliary at the top for Aton/Paton work.

Please use forms 77-5 or ANSC-7054 for the update  and send them to:


In order to get credit for Paton/Aton work you must do that additional 7030 form for each buoy you report.

If you are interested in doing Aton & Paton work please contact any of your “NS” officers to get setup working with a mentor in our program.

A great web-site to get all forms for doing Aton & Paton work is .  This is “First Northern District web site but it has great training and needed forms.

In 2012 we would like to see more reporting, up and down the chain. Just sending us a copy of your division or flotilla report would be helpful to us.


We want to work with you and we need your help.  Please call or talk with your ADSO-NS.

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