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5th Northern District Training Events (DTrain)


Members of 5th Nothern District (5NR) will come together on the 2nd weekend of the months of March and September to share our ideas and to attend classroom training sessions.

The next DTRAIN on September 8-10, 2017 is approaching fast.

Fall DTrain information packet is now here

Fall DTrain District meeting packet is now here. (password protected.)

Why should I go to D-Train?
#1. It is a fun place to go every 6 months and hang around like-minded fellow Auxiliarists who are the best at what they do. The dream team if you will, the most active members in the entire District come together along with some gold side to teach and spend time with you.

#2. A great motivational tool to keep you excited about things, to hear from active Coast Guard Officers on why the Auxiliary is important.

#3. These Dtrains are not free for District either; we invest almost $15,000 in every Dtrain for you as a member benefit. Yes, it does cost you money as well, and that is the investment the Coast Guard Auxiliary leadership appreciates, but we all do it as part of a team as part of being a good member of the Auxiliary.

#4. Good Training you need!! Train, Train, Training is devotion to duty!

Who should go to D-Train?
I AM TOLD that it is a WASTE of TIME and MONEY and there is nothing at DTRAIN for me? Whoever told you that haven't been to a DTRAIN recently and they do not have your best interest in mind, never less the USCG.


Auxiliary Leadership and Management Course (AUXLAM-B)

AUXLAM-B will be presented during the District Conference at the Crown Plaza, Reading, Pennsylvania on September 8-10, 2017.

There are some slots still open. Contact Ken Kendall ASAP.

The Auxiliary Leadership and Management Course (AUXLAM) is a leadership and management course for flotilla level elected and staff leaders focused on responsibilities and management skills. It lays the foundation for all leadership skills necessary to successful leadership in the Coast Guard and the Auxiliary.

This is a facilitated and interactive course dealing with Self Awareness, Motivation, Strategic Leadership, Team Building, Ethics, Conflict Management and Performance Problem Solving. The AUXLAM course is presented in two parts: A and B. Members may take the A or B course in any sequence.

This fall AUXLAM-B will be presented. There are members who have already completed AUXLAM-A. These members must complete AUXLAM-B in order to be credited with completing the AUXLAM course. All interested members were encouraged to register. Attendees are expected to arrive on Friday afternoon and depart on Sunday afternoon. AUXLAM has been taught by the National Training Directorate for several years and it has been widely acclaimed by the members that have attended. All members attending this class will receive an AUXLAM-B certificate at the conclusion of the course. Those who have completed both A and B will receive an AUXLAM Certificate of Completion. Note: AUXLAM is worth 1 credit toward AUXOP certification. We presented the AUXLAM-A course last March 2017. The reviews following the course by those attending were awesome. Do not miss the opportunity to attend such an excellent course and at the same time attend the District Conference. There are a limited number of available seats. In March, the quota for AUXLAM-A was reached weeks before the scheduled date. Do not delay your registration.

1. Note that only members are eligible to attend a C-School (such as AUXLAM) if Auxiliary Mandatory Training (AUXMT) is completed prior to attendance. AUXMT certification includes the 8 mandatory core courses and 2 FEMA courses ICS 100 and 700. Registration will not be accepted if AUXMT certification is not listed in AUXDATA.
2. All members are welcome but only members residing over 50 miles from Reading PA will be funded. Travel Orders will be provided to all attendees prior to the course attendance.
3. To register send an email to Ken Kendall, ADSO-MT at Please include your unit, EMPLID number, address, distance from home to hotel, email address and a statement that you have completed all of the 8 core courses and ICS 100 and 700. Registration for the hotel, meals and conference must be made separately per instructions in the DTRAIN flyer.