USCG Auxiliary 5th District Northern Region Web Site


This is a place for members of Team Coast Guard to post Fifth Northern Region "Help Wanted" ads.  It is not a place to ask for information or to post questions. Your ad will be seen by Auxiliarists throughout the Fifth Northern Region. The ads will be posted on the page from newest to oldest. Commercial ads are prohibited.

To reply to an ad to express interest or to obtain further information,
click on the contact's e-mail address.

To post a help wanted ad, forward the appropriate information to the DSO-CS.

USCG Auxiliary District Level Opportunities

If you are interested in serving in any of the district staff officer positions below, please contact the P.O.C. attached to the vacancy. The EXCOM would welcome your participation.

Assistant District Staff Officer-Program Visitor (Central)
DSO-PV Russ Galson

Assistant District Staff Officer-Public Education (Cent)
DSO-PE Marilyn Hughes

Assistant District Staff Officer-Legal (West)
DSO-LP- Martin Mooney

Assistant District Staff Officer-Communications (East)
DSO-CM Richard Lord

Assistant District Staff Officer-Materials (Cent)
DSO-MA Jim Carey

Assistant District Staff Officer-Publications (East) (West)
DSO-PB Tim Marks

Assistant District Staff Officer-Marine Safety (Cent)
DSO-MS Laurie Huselton

Assistant District Staff Officer-Marine Safety/Commercial Fishing Vessel Examiner
DSO-MS Laurie Huselton