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 New Training Opportunity Online for Staff Officers 04/17/2016
Are you a new or current staff officer in a Flotilla (FSO), Division (SO) or District (DSO/ADSO) or interested in becoming one? Well, as part of an ongoing initiative to help our Auxiliary appointed staff officers, the Training Directorate is pleased to present the Staff Officer's Training and Resource portal to help mentor and ensure your success in your role as an appointed staff officer. The National Training Directorate has a series of training shorts to assist you in this endeavor at

 Coxswain Manditory Briefing 2018 found at Operations Training 03/14/2018

Recruiting Retention Information
 Recruiting Retention Succession Strat Plan 04/22/2018
 Retention and Recruitment Presentation from DTrain Spring 2018 03/14/2018
 USCGAUX Presentation Recruiting Sept 17 04/22/2018
 Barbara Sama Video of Who Are We 04/22/2018