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D5NR Ongoing Initiative

Everbridge Notification System
  Beginning on Saturday, April 18th, USCG Auxiliary 5NR will begin a series of monthly, pre-announced and planned Everbridge Drills.  These drills will consist of a single cycle of Everbridge contacts (email, cell and home phone).  These drills will be Everbridge only, with no manual component, and should take members seconds to participate. 

These drills will continue to occur on the third Saturday of each month.

The goal for these drills is to familiarize USCG Auxiliary 5NR members with the Everbridge notification system.

The two main objectives for these drills are:

      • Prepare 5NR District members for an actual incident, whereupon the USCG Auxiliary may be        required to account for the status of all 5NR members; and

      • Prepare 5NR District members for an actual incident, whereupon the Auxiliary will be called        upon to provide direct support to the USCG.

The strategies to meet these objectives are:

      • Conduct regular, monthly contacts with 5NR members to accustom our members to        Everbridge; and

     • Provide a minimalist approach for these drills as not to overburden 5NR members.

District Captains will receive division results of the monthly drills so they can work with their Division Commanders to take steps to maximize Everbridge usage, and improve the understanding and participation of its members. District Captains should expect the results of the monthly drill within 7 days of each of the drill’s termination.

In lieu of the normal monthly July and January Everbridge drills, full accountability drills will take place.
Further information will be distributed as these dates draw closer.

These drills are a learning tool and process improvement will be conducted on a continual basis.

Open flow of communications will be vital in re-establishing an effective Everbridge Notification System. Any emails to the Everbridge POCs shall include the appropriate chain of leadership in the copy line.

Everbridge Notification System Primary POCs:

Primary: Jan Munroe
              5NR ADSO-IM Everbridge
              (610) 687-1187

Secondary: Glena Tredinnick
                   5NR DSO-IM
                   (856) 425-3933

Attached is a PDF file for your use:  Introduction to Everbridge Presentation


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