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U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Volunteers

Division 4 - Auxiliarist of the Year - 2008

Laurence M. Brooks receiving Auxiliarist of the Year Award

Laurence M. Brooks was presented the 2008 recipient of the Auxiliarist of The Year Award for Division 4.  He is a person who for 38 years has been an active member of Division 4.  His qualifications include AUXOP status and he has contributed an enormous amount of effort over the years, serving in over half of the auxiliary positions available.  In 2008, he logged 38 hours as a Recreational Boating Safety Visitation Officer and has examined more than 200 vessels, along with contributing more than 190 hours in Public Affairs.

Laurence has been a Flotilla Commander eight times in 1978, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1989, 1995, 1999, and 2000.  He has also served as a Vice Flotilla Commander three times, and in most of the Flotilla Staff Officer positions (FSO-CM once, FSO-FN three times, FSO-MA once, FSO-MV (now PV) nine times, FSO-PA twice, FSO-PB four times, FSO-PE once, FSO-PR (now PA) six times, FSO-PV five times, and FSO-VE for 25 years).  He has also served at the Division level as the SO-PB, SO-PR, SO-PV and SO-VE.

For 38 years he has cheerfully and reliably contributed to the Auxiliary by working hard, welcoming and tutoring new members and serving the US Coast Guard and the boating public.  Over the years, he has completed over 9,250 motorboat and 236 PWC vessel safety checks, most of them at the Betzwood Boat Ramp on the Schuylkill River where it flows through the Valley Forge National Historic Park.  During the same period of time he has received over 25 individual awards including the hour glass on his sustained service award for over 7500 hours of service.

Laurence M. Brooks was presented the Division 4 Auxiliarist of the Year Award for 2008, by Commodore John S. Witemeyer, for his devotion to duty, hours of service, commitment and expertise in bettering Division 4, Flotilla 49, and in recognition of outstanding contributions in promoting the Aims, Ideals and Programs of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Shown in the photo: Looking on from the left is CDR Glena T. Tredinnick, (Director of Auxiliary), presenting the Award for DIVISION 4s AUXILIARIST OF THE YEAR, on 10 January 2009, is Commodore John S. Witemeyer to Laurence M. Brooks (of Paoli) from Flotilla 49 (right).