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U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Volunteers


Laurence M. Brooks receiving Auxiliarist of the Year Award

Walter Alsegg is the Immediate Past Flotilla Commander, Staff Officer Operations Northern Area, Liaison to Station Atlantic City, Flotilla Staff Officer Operations and a computer processor for Station Atlantic City. Walter has been auxiliary coordinator for the Atlantic City Air Show the past four years. This year, overcoming mechanical and physical illness on some facilities, he was able to maintain the security perimeter for the show. He supplied and supervised sixteen auxiliary facilities on the line with the Coast Guard and New Jersey State Police units. Walter’s auxiliary units had crews and facilities from Cape May to Toms River including Divisions 7 and 8. Walter’s auxiliary leadership covered and provided facilities and crews for all marine events in the Atlantic City Station AOR. These included swims, think green kayak parade, fire works along the shore, boat races, and a second Air show in Ocean City.

As Flotilla Staff Officer Operations he supervised the Division 8 facilities and crews for the Ocean City boat parade "Night in Venice". Under his leadership and excellent management skills, he completed an aggressive training program for coxswain and crew. He has re-qualified all unit coxswains, trained and qualified three new coxswains and one new crewman. One coxswain and four crewmen are trained and ready to qualify after completing ICS or TCT 8.

In his spare time he co-ordinated patrol schedules for six surface facilities, participated in 23 surface patrols with 105.5 hours underway and maintained the unit Special Operations facility for Flotilla 8-1. In addition to teaching boating safety in ten classes, he participated in public affairs events, performed 28 vessel examinations and 9 marine dealer visits. As of 12-31-08 he has 593.25 total mission hours.