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Auxiliarists In Service

In this section you will find both the Auxiliarist of the Week awards and a series of Profiles In Service for the 5th District Northern Region.

The Auxiliarist of the Week Award is given to an individual Auxiliarist whose performance not only exceeded expectations but also served as an inspiration to other members.  Each Auxiliarist selected will receive a certificate and a mug stating the name of the award and the year. 

Any Coast Guard active duty member or reservist, Auxiliary Elected Official or Staff Officer may submit a nomination.  Nominations should be submitted by e-mail to the Director with a brief summary of the individual's key contributions.  Nominations may be submitted at any time. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas on how to make this recognition of our superior Auxiliarists more profound, please inform the Director. For more information on this initiative, please refer to the Director’s Forum under 5th NORTHERN DIRECTOR OF AUXILIARY POLICY 2010-01: AUXILIARY AWARDS AND RECOGNITION.

Profiles in Service include Auxiliarists who perform volunteer service not only at various Coast Guard Bases and Auxiliary Facilities, but who also participate in many boating safety activities both on the water and on land. This series will attempt to inform the readers of this web site about the Auxiliarists in the Fifth Northern who devote their time, energy, and personal expense to perform duties at these bases and facilities, and participate in various boating safety activities.  Their “devotion to duty” exemplifies the true spirit of Team Coast Guard and shows the dedication of your fellow Auxiliarists.

If you know someone who should appear in this section, please feel free to email the webmaster.