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Auxiliarist of the Week

The Auxiliarist of the Week Award is given to an individual Auxiliarist whose performance not only exceeded expectations but also served as an inspiration to other members.  Each Auxiliarist selected will receive a certificate and a mug stating the name of the award and the year.



I'd like to nominate our new FSO-PA, Jessica Zenquis-Davidson, for the Auxiliarist of the Week award.

This is for her outstanding organizational ability, infectious enthusiasm, and incredible dedication to the Auxiliary during only 9 months of membership. As a new member she eagerly undertook every training opportunity available to her, passing 2-76's Boat Crew School and her AUXPAT exam with ease. Since then she has worked with PECO to get two free 2-76 advertisements posted on their skyscraper billboard, led our efforts in the Fishtown Shadfest PA event, the Delaware River Day, and has dedicated herself to embedding 2-76 into the community.

In addition to what she has done, she has arranged for 2-76 to participate in upcoming events, including a major lifesaving themed exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art this September.

Jessica is a model new member, sharp in her uniform and attendance, dedicated to the cause of the Auxiliary, and motivated to ensure our flotilla achieves its potential. She is able to marshal resources and participation better than anyone I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Jessica will be a major player in our flotilla and this district for a long time - I eagerly await what the future will bring with such a hard working new member. Jessica exemplifies our core values at every turn, and should be commended.

Daniel A. Toms, VFC 2-76